EJB Media Production Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial

Video tutorial for Photoshop
Final ColorGrade Image

General Steps:

  1. Import your photo
  2. Create a second layer by right clicking your origninal photo in the layer box (found in the bottom lefthand corner) and select Duplicate layer
  3. Select the object you want to remove withe the laso tool (found in the top left of the tool bar) until you see the surrounding area with teh "marching ants"
  4. Select the area of the mask (left click to remove, left-click + alt/cntrl to add or take away masked area)
  5. Hit apply thenOk
Command Shortcut
Move Tool v/v
Laso Tool Control+L/Command+L
Zoom In Control+ +(plus)/ Command + +(plus)
Zoom Out Control+ -(minus)/ Command + -(minus)